Use the Nordmedic functional rehabilitation pathway or choose the module that interests you.


A residential rehabilitation programme with an individual treatment plan takes 10 days to complete. During your stay, we provide at least 4 hours of one-on-one physiotherapy with a physiotherapist as well as other forms of physical therapy.


We offer our patients the flexibility to choose rehabilitation modules themselves or use the assistance of our team to help with the decision.



Diego VR®

Diego VR is the only robot on the market that allows for upper limbs diagnosis and rehabilitation using intelligent weight relief. It provides the option to work double-sided, using a virtual reality module.

By focusing on functional work, it lets you regain the ability to carry out everyday activities faster.



Lexo is a robotic system for gait rehabilitation for children and adults. It provides the opportunity to work in different conditions and allows for gait training that is natural for the patient. This ensures greater motivation, intensity of the training, and faster rehabilitation effects.

As one of the first devices of its kind in the world, LEXO is equipped with a special active training module which facilitates engagement by simulating various activities, such as climbing stairs, walking with resistance through mud, slowing down or accelerating.



Omego Plus is a lower limb therapy device that allows for gait training for people at every stage of rehabilitation, with the option of verticalisation.

This device can be used throughout the treatment process: from very early stages where it allows for the verticalisation of the patient, to resistance exercises, which can be a challenge for everyone.



RoboGait – system for robotic rehabilitation of gait. Repeating the gait movements supports the activity of the spinal cord and brain by providing stimulation in people with abnormal gait patterns. The universal frame is suitable for adult and pediatric patients.



Zebris FDM-THQ-M-3i is a device for a comprehensive, objective evaluation and training of gait and posture in static and dynamic conditions.

The treadmill with an integrated sensor matrix creates a measuring surface and gives the opportunity to evaluate individual gait phases. This makes immediate feedback about the patient’s movements possible and allows for necessary corrections while training. The post-therapy session report supports treatment progress monitoring.


Ekso NR

Exoskeleton EksoNR: a portable, bionic skeleton designed to rehabilitate almost any patient with paralysis or paresis of the lower limbs. Supports training of the movements involved in getting up from and sitting down in the chair and allows patients to gait train with the correct balance and weight shifting. Therapy lets the patient re-learn the correct gait patterns and supports proper placing of feet on the ground.

EksoNR offers not only a state-of-the-art technology, but a complete neurorehabilitation program,


Balancer System

Balancer System is a device for training balance and gait as well as proprioception training. We recommend using this equipment for patients with a high fear of falls.

Thanks to the direct suspension system, the users can work through both overcoming obstacles and learning how to deal with external disturbances. The patient in the protective harness (in suspension) can use the treadmill or learn to walk up the stairs, all in the presence of a physiotherapist specialized in operating the device.



    At Nordmedic, we specialize in the rehabilitation of neurological patients, including children (over 90 cm tall) and adults who have suffered strokes and craniocerebral injuries.

    We also help patients with multiple sclerosis and lateral sclerosis, treat orthopaedic and oncological patients (including comprehensive edema treatment and scar treatment programmes), and provide teeth grinding (bruxism) treatment and other dental physiotherapy.

    Rehabilitation robots

    one-on-one work using state-of-the-art rehabilitation robots, all in one location

    Conventional rehabilitation

    one-on-one therapy in a non-robotized mode


    residential rehabilitation programmes (10 days with 8 treatment sessions per day)


    Physiotherapy consultations

    neurological speech therapy consultations


    physical treatments in single sessions or packages including:

    • high-energy laser

    • Thermopres – local cryotherapy

    • mechanical lymphatic drainage

    • shockwave treatments

    • electrostimulation treatments

    • interference currents

    • TENS

    • diadynamic currents

    • Trabert currents

    • Faradic currents

    • electrostimulation of muscles

    • Kotz currents

    • high voltage (HV) stimulation

    • low frequency currents for urological stimulation

    • low frequency stimulation “Muscle”.