Detailed diagnostics and subsequent rehabilitation of the upper limbs are carried out at the Nordmedic FRC with the help of DIEGO VR. The robot supports the treatment of patients with neurological and orthopaedic injuries. It allows us to develop an individual rehabilitation path for each patient. DIEGO VR therapy increases motivation to exercise thanks to the virtual environment, 3D goggles and interactive tasks that the user completes.

DIEGO VR is a modern robot that restores upper limbs movement function

  • A detailed report of the patient’s fitness combined with an individualised therapy plan
  • Personalised weight-support system for each limb and training of movement in many planes
  • Rehabilitation supported by interactive tasks in virtual reality, with gamification boosting patients’ motivation
  • Detailed information about the progress of rehabilitation during and after the session
  • Visual-motor coordination training
  • Maximising session time by easily and quickly calibrating your device

DIEGO in practice

  • Diego allows for the measurement of the range of motion within the shoulder and elbow joints
  • It makes it possible to conduct modern therapy using virtual reality and movement in three dimensions.
  • It can be used to conduct therapy at any stage of rehabilitation
  • The cable system for the upper limbs is synchronized with the robot’s software
  • Detailed adjustment is possible for weight compensation for each of the upper limbs
  • Universal and bilateral training in one or several planes
  • Detailed report after each session

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