Gamma is a two-plate dynamographic platform that allows both the testing and the training of neurological and orthopaedic patients. It can also provide professional training for athletes and patients with balance and body coordination disorders. Free positioning of the plates in relation to each other allows athletes to perform exercises in positions relevant to the discipline they practice.

Stimulation of natural balance

  • The platform helps to restore impaired functions of the neuromuscular system
  • biofeedback facilitates correct loading of feet, weight transfer, pelvic stabilisation and helps activate the weaker part of the body
  • play-like exercises, in addition to improving mobility, develop visual-motor-auditory coordination, perceptiveness and attention focus
  • the platform’s analytics allow for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate selection of exercises, which effectively accelerates rehabilitation.

GAMMA in practice

  • The platform allows for:
  • analysis of load distribution in the vertical axis
  • dynamic and static load measurement
  • assessment of patient balance
  • use of biofeedback during exercises and tests
  • modification of exercise parameters
  • data export and creating multimedia reports

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