Hand rehabilitation with the help of the HandTutor device consists in active repetition of exercises with feedback. By performing tasks in the game format, the patient stimulates and enforces the correct behaviour of the nervous and locomotor system.

HandTutor supports patients after stroke, cranio-cerebral trauma, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, as well as those suffering from hand tremors, bradykinesia, developmental coordination disorders, soft tissue damage, injuries to the shoulder plexus, etc.

HANDTUTOR in practice

  • Detailed assessment of damage to the function of the upper limb with analysis presented in the form of a report
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation based on exercises individually selected according to the patient’s needs to improve hand function disorders such as range, accuracy and speed of movement
  • The patient receives a movement-based, visual and audible biofeedback, which teaches him or her to understand, plan and move the fingers and wrist so as to correctly complete the exercise
  • Wide selection of patient positions during treatment
  • Rehabilitation for children and adults

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