Omego® plus

OMEGO PLUS supports patients in the first phase of rehabilitation the most, although it can be used at every stage of work with the patient. It is often called the missing link of gait training, because it allows patients to improve motor, sensory and cognitive deficits. It strengthens the circulatory system and increases muscle strength as well as improving mobility. It supports lifting feet and proprioception and facilitates the patient’s subsequent verticalisation.

Omego Plus is a pioneering, robotic device for the rehabilitation of the lower limbs featuring verticalisation function

  • It can be used at any stage of rehabilitation as it helps to regain the mobility of the lower limbs
  • Provides isometric, eccentric, and concentric training for patients with neurological and orthopaedic injuries as well as older patients
  • Allows for sensory training with patients with spasticity
  • OMEGO training utilises gamification mechanisms to increases motivation, boosting the number of repetitions performed and making rehabilitation easier

OMEGO Plus in practice

  • Versatile rehabilitation robot
  • The verticalisation seat allows the patient to work in different ranges and positions
  • Multiple functions in one device: (stepper, leg press, rotor, foot drop training, etc.)
  • Allows for a unique diagnosis of proprioception and movement smoothness
  • Special programmes for patients with Parkinson’s disease
  • A wide range of therapy options: isometric, eccentric and concentric training
  • Special robotic training of the ankle joint and foot drop improves the effectiveness of treatment of stroke patients
  • Easily and quickly adapts to the needs of the patient

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