Gait training using the ZEBRIS rehabilitation treadmill enables a smooth and gradual change of the gait pattern. With ZEBRIS it’s possible to adjust step width, the length of each step separately as well as foot rotation

Using a sensor matrix, ZEBRIS measures and evaluates the individual phases of motion in detail. It supports the therapy of patients after stroke or suffering from multiple sclerosis as well as cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease or degenerative diseases of the lower limbs. ZEBRIS also supports rehabilitation work following fractures, sprains or surgeries.

ZEBRIS, a treadmill for analysis of gait and load in static and dynamic conditions.

  • Dynamic exercises, with right and left side load and cognitive exercises (brain training and fitness)
  • Coordination training using functional games and balance analysis
  • Patient results displayed in real time on the monitor
  • Detailed analysis of foot strength and pressure in the standing position and in motion
  • Individualized gait training with modification of gait pattern by width, left and right step length and foot rotation
  • Patient gait testing including comparative analysis

ZEBRIS in practice

  • Quick and simple dynamic analysis with load distribution in the frontal and sagittal planes
  • Static and dynamic analysis of force distribution and foot pressure
  • Treadmill equipped with adjustable-height handrails
  • A dynamic pneumatic weight-relief system that allows for relief ranging from 0.5 to 80 kg
  • Universal vest fits a variety of patients.

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