Exoskeleton is a portable, bionic skeleton that can support patients, including those with a total spinal cord damage up to and including C7 or partial spinal cord damage (at any level). Thanks to the exoskeleton, patients with cranio-cerebral trauma, or after a stroke, or those suffering from multiple sclerosis can also be verticalised. The model we use also allows us to work with patients suffering from cerebral palsy and other neurological diseases that cause gait problems or inability to walk.

Modern rehabilitation of the lower limbs in a natural environment

A portable bionic skeleton designed for rehabilitation of patients with paralysis or paresis of the lower limbs

It allows for walking in a natural way, with the correct transfer of body weight between the limbs. Exo NR also allows you to perform the movements of getting up from and sitting down on a chair and supports correct feet placement. Battery powered, it provides the opportunity for a real walk, even with complete limb paresis.

EKSO NR in practice

  • The software allows for optimal selection of training parameters
  • Different training modes are tailored to the patient’s progress
  • It allows you to monitor the correctness and symmetry of movements
  • The Smart Assist module allows patients to use their maximum walking force.

Ekso GT/NR exoskeleton records the course of the treatment and transmits data to external servers. This allows for a better analysis of the patient’s progress, planning of subsequent sessions, and monitoring of the use of the device.

Ekso GT/NR is the easiest to use and best adapted for rehabilitation exoskeleton in the world – it is not a robot, but it offers a complete neurorehabilitation program.

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