Nordmedic patients can benefit from various forms of support offered by the Centre in Gdynia. Robotic rehabilitation, outpatient rehabilitation, and consultations or intensives have one goal: to restore mobility to our patients.

In our daily work, we support patients recovering from strokes, suffering from multiple sclerosis (also lateral), struggling with cranio-cerebral injuries, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions. We help both adults and children in their recovery by providing rehabilitation of the upper and lower limbs.


Intensive therapy brings results. At the Functional Rehabilitation Centre Nordmedic, we also work with patients during several-day long intensive rehabilitation programmes. We select the appropriate number of treatments individually for each patent, utilising modern robots and the expertise of specialized physiotherapists. They supervise the course and progress of the rehabilitation. We also help our patients to organise their stay. We have apartments adapted to the needs and requirements of people with various conditions.


Before commencing any robotic therapy, each patient undergoes a consultation. Taking history and performing tests allow us to recommend suitable therapy, including a course of single-treatment sessions, a package of multiple treatments, or an intensive program. Our most experienced physiotherapy specialists carry out these consultations. During the assessment, they take into account the entire medical history and the current capabilities of the patient. We also provide stand-alone rehabilitation consultations at Nordmedic, without the requirement to purchase any rehabilitation services.


The Functional Rehabilitation Centre works with patients short and long-term. For patients who requires a greater number of robotic rehabilitation treatments, we offer treatment packages including neurological, dental, orthopedic, urogynaecological, and pediatric. Each package is individually adapted to the requirements and current needs of an individual patient. A long-term rehabilitation plan supports the recovery of mobility functions. It also offers financial savings – patients who choose a rehabilitation package can count on more budget-friendly total costs.


The Nordmedic Functional Rehabilitation Centre is located in the very centre of Gdynia. In a newly constructed building at Batorego Street, we have created a facility that brings together physiotherapy specialists and the most modern rehabilitation technologies. The centre is adapted to the needs of patients with diverse requirements and allows for easy movement and access to all rehabilitation spaces.

The location of our centre is not accidental.  Gdynia is a coastal city, visited every year by a huge number of tourists of all ages. It is a city friendly to people with disabilities and has received several awards for this. Fresh sea air, relaxation on the beach, and walks on the seaside promenades certainly help the rehabilitation process.

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