Supports therapy when the patient has lost the ability to walk due to brain or spinal cord injury, stroke, and orthopaedic or neurological diseases.

RoboGait allows for the adjustment of force applied to the orthoses in order to move the lower limbs The option of setting the value separately for each limb makes it possible to use this rehabilitation device with patients with, for example, hemiparesis

It supports the activity of the spinal cord and brain by performing repetitive movements

  • Unique method for relearning of the correct gait pattern
  • Improvements in pathological gait patterns (stride length, stride height, swing phase time)
  • Objective data on the progress of rehabilitation
  • Normalising the muscle tension, improvements in independence and balance
  • Increasing the muscle strength of the lower limbs
  • Improving the functioning of the circulatory, respiratory and excretory systems
  • Increasing patient motivation during the treatment

RoboGait in practice

  • The level of support by the robot can be adjusted to the patient’s needs, asymmetric support is also possible
  • Universal orthosis for children and adults
  • Biofeedback with a functional environment, increasing the motivation to exercise
  • Tools to assess the progress of rehabilitation
  • Gait support in the anatomical motion pattern
  • Adjustable pelvis brace allowing for working with the pelvis fully stabilised as well as free

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